Art Piece



By Cassandra Smith



Burning Down the House


It has taken me a while to get this one done. I worked with the North Oyster Fire Department when they were using this house for training. I got the pleasure of going into the house for the cold start. My breath was taken away when I was all geared up, but when the oxygen kicked in, it was sure refreshing. It didn’t stay cool for long once the fire started. The thick black smoke quickly filled the house about a meter from the floor. It is amazing how fast that house went up once the training was completed. It is such a great experience for these young men and boys in the junior fire fighter program. Two of the Long time guys, now have their sons there to learn and follow in their father’s footsteps. This program starts at age 16 and offers such great experience. What a great way to build a fantastic resume for the future.

I want to Thank Chief Jason and the rest of the Fire Fighters for having me there with them. I appreciate everything you do for our community THANK YOU!!!

Open for Business


I have been to busy lately to even let anyone know that I am available for shoots, promo, and design work. I have been so busy working on my own projects, teaching, running kids around and renovations on the home studio that I just have not had time to let you all know. If you want to take you business to the next level with marketing materials and social media promo, then I can help you out with that too.

As far as photography goes, here  a few ideas of what I am available for….

– Head-Shots are a fantastic way to show off yourself if you are having to self-promote what you do. We offer high quality high resolution photography that will make you look oh so impressive! I have seen way to many pixelated images on flyers lately that do nothing for the person, let alone the business. PARENTS this is a great way to get a much better photo of your child then the school photos without doing a full session.

– Band Projects for promo, album covers, and photography for social media. Have an upcoming project or just want updated photos we will work with your group to get you the look you need to succeed in your music.

-Have a live event you would like covered? I love the adventure of events. You never know who you are going to meet and what you are going to see. There are great shots everywhere. Let me know what you next event is. We will cover it no problem.

-Portraits are a fun to capture where your family is at this point in your lives. We offer photo shoots in studio and on location. We can create a Fine Art Piece from your session that you cherish forever. They are so fun to do and so very different.

– Fine Art Photography Sessions – If you have an idea of a story you want to tell, or a favourite nursery rhyme, we will create that story in a series of layered images. I love to do these and clients love them too. If I wasn’t so busy, I would have posted my latest work.  You can see more examples of this work in “Stories in My Head” post.

If you are interested in any services I have to offer, then please contact me at the studio at 250 739 0340 or email I look forward to hearing from you.

Just Spread Your Wings

If you just spread your wings you will fly. Allow yourself to be free and you will sore.

Parents, be proud of what you have done to encourage your child throughout their life. It’s time to set them free.

As you graduate you must celebrate who you are on your way to who you become.





untitled-2750  IMG_4181


Love of Music

I am such a music fan. We are all fans of some kind of music or other. I just happen to love to photograph performers and perform myself. It is the music that makes me do it. Like I need to be made to do this great job. My favourite time of year is the Summer when all the music festivals are happening. Sunfest is something like 68 days away I think….


Blackjack_billy-5236Blackjack Billy



Blackjack_billy-6691Aaron Pritchett

Cassadee_Pope-6571-2Cassidy Pope


George CanyonSunfest_Crowd

What a great festival right here at home. 

20130804-SUNFEST_2013 (606 of 744)

Alan Jackson


Dean Brody, Tim McGraw, Jake Owen, Cassidy Pope, Aaron Pritchett, Noel from Blackjack Billy, Keira Isabella & George Canyon

Tim McGraw

Blessed we are to have such a great bunch of people making this festival happen.

Thank you Wide Glide Entertainment, all the staff and volunteers that make Sunfest happen.